The all-singing all-dancing all-philosophising toe-tapping finale to the Transport Trilogy touched down at the Buxton Fringe in 2005. Written by Tom in collaboration with local musicians Marios and Ellie Argiros.

Based loosely around Jostein Gaarder's Sophie's World, Plane Of Existence caught up with Nick, Neville and Andre - from Platformation and Income Taxi - boarding a plane for Mexico with a briefcase containing an accidentally stolen £200,000. Amid arguments over how to avoid the police and incessant flirting with an Air Hostess, the intrepid trio discover three men in Business Class are writing a musical about them. They set out to confront their creators but the going isn't easy when paper aeroplanes predict the future and Nick struggles to grasp basic Descartes - let alone a simple hamrony. A hilarious meta-theatrical, existential musical of epic proportions which featured songs such as 'Be The Bigger Man', 'Mile High Club', 'Slipping Through The Bar Lines' - and even a snippet of 'The Piano's On My Foot'.

Hotly anticipated ever since the trilogy was announced after Platformation, Plane Of Existence sold-out its entire run, days in advance with extra performances and queues for returns, managing to cram more than 600 people in overall.

The Buxton Fringe Review called it "another excellent play by Three's Company... enormously funny - quick, light-hearted and very clever" with two reviews exhorting their readers "you need to see this play". At the Buxton Fringe awards it picked up the award for Best Musical Comedy and a nomination for Best New Writing for Tom's script.