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Shooting the Missing Something Pilot

Lots of people have asked if there’s any way they can get involved with Missing Something, our new online sitcom we’re creating with Brother Brother.

Well the answer is yes. Yes there is.

We’re still looking to fill a few key roles in the shoot. This is a really great chance to get some serious, professional experience on a two-week shoot, and be involved in a unique project that’s practically guaranteed to be great. So read on, dear reader, and see if any of them sound interesting to you…


  • Assistant Director(s) filled
    Brilliant way to gain experience of directing for screen. You’ll be on the front line with Yaz and Haz, helping make the series happen, on set and off.
  • Sound Recordist
    What it says on the tin. Needs on-set experience. We can provide most of the required kit, though we expect you’ll be more comfortable with your own. We have a small daily sound hire budget to cover your kit.
  • Make-up and/or Hair
    Screen experience is essential, or at least screen training. You’ll work closely with our Art team to bring the characters to life, and keep an eye on their continuity, as we’ll be jumping between episodes like nobody’s business.
  • Costume Assistant(s) filled
    A good mix of sourcing, dressing, designing, and potentially making. Several characters are already in place, others ace totally new. You’ll work closely with the directors and Art team. Could be a great role for someone with stage experience looking to move into screen work.
  • Art/Design Assistant(s)
    Since our production designer’s just gone and got himself a job on the next Star Wars film, he’s going to be pretty busy for the next ten years and we’re going to need a team to support him. A combo of realising his designs, and supporting them with your own input where necessary.
  • Runners
    Extra hands that can come on set for a few days, supporting where necessary. Again, brilliant experience, and always lots of fun.


And there are also a few acting roles going spare. We can’t publish too much info here without spoiling the plot, but here’s an overview, with fake names.

  • Male #1 (codename: Elmo)
    A romantic disinterest who appears to be a minor character but turns out to be more than to seems. Looking for a likeable, slightly awkward, white* actor between about 22 and 30. Needed for 5 separate (but short) filming days.
  • Male #2 (codename: Big Bird)
    A young, eligible doctor, whose date with Rachel goes artfully and spectacularly wrong. Between 25 and 35, any ethnicity or nationality. Required for one day of filming – the 24th Sep. Finish around 5pm.
  • Female #1 (codename: Abby) – provisionally cast
    A classical actress. Just required for a couple of hours in Series 1, but will make a larger appearance as Annie’s rival in the outer world stories (and potentially future series). Must have long dark hair (ie. similar casting to Annie and Zoe).
  • Female #2 (codename: Zoe) – cast
    A modern actress. Required for a day in Series 1, and will an appearance as Annie’s rival in the outer world stories (and potentially future series). Must have long dark hair (ie. similar casting to Annie and Abby).
  • Extras
    We’re also looking for tons of extras for scenes that to take place on the 25th and 24th September. Literally anybody is allowed.

The shoot runs 14th September-29th September, with a few days off in that period. We can cover expenses/per diems for most of the positions. More info on application.

If you’re interested in any of these roles, drop us a line on asap. Likewise, if you can recommend someone great, give us a shout or show them this post.

Any questions, get in touch, or comment below.

That's All, Folks!

*Because we’ve cast some of his family, not because we’re huge racists.

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  1. yaz says:

    UPDATE: the two female acting roles have been provisionally cast.
    We’re interviewing candidates for most of the other positions/roles but feel free to get in touch if you’re interested/have a recommendation.
    And there’s always space for more extras/runners!

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