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The stuff that dreams are made of

We’re pretty busy up in Edinburgh with Reverie (playing at the Pleasance Dome each day at 5:40pm). But we wanted to post some of the reviews we’ve had so far. We’ll update this as they come in.

Very good indeed. Impeccably acted, strongly scripted and with a truly distinctive style, Three’s Company have produced another highlight for this year’s Fringe. When word gets around, it may well sell out… so don’t be caught napping.”
Fringe Guru

“Reverie by Three’s Company and written by Tom Crawshaw follows on from one of my favourite pieces of theatre in the 2009 Fringe – Play on Words.
It is a work that operates at a completely different pace from its predecessor but that only shows the level of dexterity that this group have at their disposal and this new work does not disappoint and actually earns its own merits by operating in an area entirely its own.
A well crafted piece of cerebral drama that stretches the imagination. I would not hesitate in recommending this play to anyone who has an interest in modern theatre; such is the stuff dreams are made of.”

“A stylish and well-crafted production”
The Scotsman

“A work of evident talent and strong emotions”
The Stage

“The world of lucid dreams is a difficult place to stage a play, which is precisely why Three’s Company have managed to excel with their latest fringe offering Reverie.
Thoroughly entertaining and the experienced cast make fine travelling companions through the corridors of the unreal.”
British Theatre Guide

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