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Twas the Season

The snow’s thawing and the world’s returning to work. And so ends Three’s Company’s first London Season from the wintry heart of London’s West End.

Our three-week residency at the Tristan Bates Theatre ended last Saturday and a big thank-you to all of you who came along to make it such a success. Here’s how it all went.
  • After four years of work, our flagship production of Play On Words had it’s first full London run. We were featured in the print editions of The Times (“both smart and funny… an ingenious little box of tricks”) and Time Out (“light-footed and adept at scrambling the act of theatre”) as well as in The Stage (“versatile, confident talent… just about the perfect format”) and on Remote Goat (“entertaining and stimulating theatre craftsmanship”). And some pretty great crowds over the three weeks as well.
  • We hosted three Interactivity Symposiums which brought together critics from The Guardian, The Financial Times and The Stage as well as companies such as Coney and Non Zero One and practitioners such as Stuart Nolan and Steve Marmion (former associate director of the RSC) – all to discuss the place and the future of interactivity in theatre.
  • We produced three staged readings of plays by Tom: Later Showers and the newly written Still Life and Reverie. Each with guest directors and a great cast of new 3C artists.
  • We brought together a host of companies exploring interactivity in various art-forms – including a ‘one-robot-show’, an interactive library and dragon magic.
  • We performed all four of the currently existing episodes of our critically-acclaimed interactive radio comedy Adventure Time, starring our alter-egos and a wide variety of audience participants.
All in all, 43 performances of 18 different events over 20 days, all in the heart of the West End.
Based on this success, we hope this will be the start of many productions in London (as well as our visits to Buxton and Edinburgh). Watch this space for news of our next project.
So thank-you first to all of you who came along. Thanks to all our supporters who made the whole season possible. And here’s a list of everyone else who was involved – huge thanks to you all!
  • Laura Kriefman and the staff of the Tristan Bates Theatre, The Actors Centre and The Pleasance Theatre.
  • Bekki Coward, Natalie Eskinazi, Neil Keating, Jacob Mason-Dixon, Amy Penrose and Meriel Rosenkranz for their various roles in creating Play On Words.
  • Bekki Coward and Natalie Eskinazi for co-managing the Interactivity Symposium.
  • Steve Marmion, Roger Foss, Stuart Nolan, Ian Shuttleworth, Annette & Tassos from Coney, Karl Rouse, Matt Truman, Richard Stamp, Holly Gramazio, Neil Keating, Alex and John from Non Zero One, Esther Smith and David Byrne for taking part in the Interactivity Symposium.
  • Piff The Magic Dragon, Dan Somerville, Alan Fielden, Teak Show, Imprology, The Story Exchange and Bineural Performance for appearing in the Interplay Sessions.
  • Kyle McPhail for his help on Later Showers.
  • James Farrell with his cast Mariam Bell, John Cass, Stephen Connery-Brown, David Eadie, Jo Price, Gabriella Schmidt and Daniel Wiltshire for performing Still Life.
  • John Kay Steel with his cast Chris Porter, Joanne Cummins, Nick Ash, Sarah Thomas-Lane and Jennifer Jackson for performing Reverie.
  • Maram Bell, Jo Reekie, Rosie Stancliffe, Kyle McPhail (and several audience members) for performing in Adventure Time.

…and everyone who came to see us! Thanks to all.

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  1. Dan @ FAT CONTENT says:

    Brilliant! Nice one team 3. Can’t wait to see what else you have in store for us in 2010.

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