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The Times on POW (and all the others)

Anyone opening The Times today may have noticed a review of our very own Play On Words.
They called it “both smart and funny” as well as “an ingenious little box of tricks” – which was nice.
It’s wonderful to see good reviews for the show coming out so soon in our first London season. We’re expecting several more reviews over the next few days and we’ll update this post as they come in with quotes and links to the full articles.
And if you want to see what they’re all talking about, Play On Words plays at the Tristan Bates Theatre, Covent Garden until the 23rd January.

“I’m still won over by the simple chutzpah of throwing so many concepts into the blender. It could easily get out of hand, but it doesn’t; it’s a tight and finely-engineered work, where details of dialogue which at first seem off-the-wall later prove perfectly-formed and crucial.”
Fringe Guru

“One of the most stunning things about the piece is how it moves from clever jocularity to genuine emotion. You won’t feel existential despair, you’ll feel cheered. Play on Words is not conventional, but nor is it hard work: it’s witty, thoughtful stuff that’s consistently entertaining and full of delicious surprises.”
Remote Goat

“Keeps you on your toes for most of its 70 minutes… light-footed and adept at scrambling the act of theatre. Worth a look”
Time Out

“To their great credit, Michael Grady-Hall and Yaz Al-Shaater build an intense, ultimately fractured relationship that maintains the interest throughout.There’s certainly no doubting their enthusiasm for the project, Al-Shaater is a versatile, confident talent and Grady-Hall is in serious danger of busting a blood vessel in a terrifying, but impressive tirade near the show’s close.”
The Stage

“Tom Crawshaw’s text offers a metatheatrical game of dramatic forensics.
Both smart and funny… an ingenious little box of tricks”
The Times

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