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2009 Summer Tour complete (So long and thanks for the fish)

Having to pay extortionate amounts to be ignored on public transport, people being thrown into confusion at the sight of Scottish banknotes, and… some days without rain…

It can only mean one thing: yes, it’s the end of our Summer Tour for another year, and our return to London.

This year, Play On Words and Adventure Time visited the Buxton and Edinburgh Fringe – the fourth year now that we’ve ‘done the double’ (as we like to refer to it*). The award-winning, pun-tastic tragi-comic Play On Words had five performances in Buxton (at Underground Venues) and 27 in Edinburgh – where we were pleased to get a slot at The Pleasance (the undisputed home of new theatre talent in Edinburgh). After a warm-up in Buxton, we let the audience choose which of us played which part for the whole run. Adventure Time (episodes 3 & 4) also played for six nights in Buxton and was the invited to perform a special charity gig at the Pleasance to close the Fringe.

So how did it all go? Let’s have a look:

  • Play On Words nominated twice for Best Actor (Michael Grady-Hall & Meriel Rosenkranz) at the Buxton Fringe Awards
  • Three’s Company awarded the ‘Fringe 30’ award for their contribution to the Buxton Fringe
  • Play On Words called “undeniably unmissable” and Adventure Time a hugely entertaining show” by Buxton Fringe Review
  • Critics in Edinburgh also had lots of lovely things to say about our flagship production Play On Words: OutstandingAll The Festivals, “Wonderfully wittyThree Weeks, “Fresh and aliveRemote Goat, “Sophisticated and extremely funnyThe Spectator
  • In Edinburgh we got our largest total audience yet, with over 1200 people coming along to join in the fun
  • Adventure Time saw seven audience members take to the stage to play the part of Miss Claret in our ‘live’ recording
  • 6 roles of gaffer tape, 4 spare legs, 1 tube of wood glue and 3 heavy-duty clamps were employed to provide rolling support to our battered desks
  • We were pleased to welcome our first animal co-star – Chris the fish – who made an impromtu appearence in Adventure Time (ah well… cod move in mysterious ways)

Our thanks go to our wonderful co-stars Meriel Rosenkranz and Kayleigh MacDonald; our production team including Neil Keating, Bekki Coward, and Ben Cooper; the staff of Underground Venues and Pleasance Edinburgh; all the members of our Support Scheme who made the whole tour possible; Beth, Derek, Colin and Caroline for their hospitality; and, of course, the people of Buxton and Edinburgh without whom it would have been a bit of a waste of time…

Here’s to 2010!

*Okay, only I like to refer to it as that. -T

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