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Critical Acclaim for Play On Words 2009

Well we’re a week into our Edinburgh Fringe run of Play On Words at the Pleasance Dome and have our first reviews out. Great to see the show going down so well already.

Extracts below and links to the full thing. (We’ll update as they come in)

“A script that crackles with vitality and exuberance showing a great command of the language that is used throughout – whether through clever punning or the artillery of quick-barbed remarks that they have at their disposal – the result highly innovative and enthralling.
Energy and originality compete with each other right through to the conclusion. Outstanding – read it here

“Sizziling with intellectual jokes and wonderfully witty puns. The shift in tempo from funny to serious was remarkably well-handled. Three’s Company are absolutely aware of what they’re doing and are all the better for it!”
Three Weeks – read it here

Finely constructed and intriguingly woven… fresh and alive throughout. A graceful waltz through words and how they are used.”
Remote Goat – read it here

Sophisitcated and extremely funny… It makes great use of puns – luckily they’re excellent. Crawshaw is the master of his materials.”
The Spectator – read it here

Fine word play… well-judged and dark. I can tell you that all is explained, and the explanation hurts. Words aren’t just to be played with, it turns out; words can lead to tragedy, too.”
Fringe Guru read it here

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