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We’ve been talking a lot about the audience, interactivity and ‘inter-reactivity’ recently. We’ve got a new section of our website on the way about that. In the meantime, this blog post will operate as a sort of index to that work.

An audience queuing for a Three's Company show.


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A series of blog posts about the theory and ideas behind our interactivity. Comments are – as usual – encouraged.

What is Inter-Reactivity? coming soon

We’ve been using the term ‘inter-reactivity’ a lot recently. An explanantion of what we mean, and our system behind it, will follow soon.

Three's Company pretending to talk about theory.


Shows following our principals of interactivity:


Our first major interactive work, and the world’s first interactive farce!

A Live Transmission of ‘Adventure Time’

Our interactive comedy series, following the exploits of our alterego comedy troupe Comedy Trio

Alternatorium & Auditernative

Two big projects for this summer… you’ll have to hang on for the announcement though!

The audience get in on the act in Auditorium from Three's Company in Edinburgh.

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