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Your thoughts on ‘Auditorium’

We really value your feedback on our shows. Criticisms help us improve, and positive comments help attract further audiences (and stop us wanting to give up!) so if you have seen Auditorium please let us know what you think.
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2 Responses to Your thoughts on ‘Auditorium’

  1. Anonymous says:

    >Saw this show on the 17th Aug at the Fringe. With out a doubt the best play I’ve ever seen! Brilliant crowd interaction and I was laughing throughout the entire performance.

    I loved the idea of getting an audience member’s mobile number for an actor to call and all the other quips that drew the crowd in – even the concessions guy was a great addition.

    I didn’t know what to expect after receiving a leaflet in the streets but am glad I came along! Hoping to bring a friend along next time I see it again which will be soon!

    Thanks for the great performance – made my Fringe Festival!

  2. Mike Collings says:

    >Saw this a group of friends at the Fringe on 18th August. It was the existentialism that drew me in, but I didn’t expect it to be Pirandello meets panto!

    A fantastically original take on the whole “fourth wall” thing; shamelessly intellectual without sacrificing the belly laughs. And, quite possibly, the cheapest way to get on stage at Edinburgh!

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