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The reviews come flooding in!

The cast of Auditorium rise from the... erm, auditorium.

The cast of Auditorium rise from the... erm, auditorium.

We’ve had our first few reviews for Auditorium at the Edinburgh Fringe.
Below are extracts from each and below that are links to the full articles. We’ll add more here as we get them. Watch this space!

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen fourth-wall chicanery worked into a farce – not, that is, till I came across Tom Crawshaw’s magnificent Auditorium, an original work for Fringe veterans Three’s Company.””There’s word-play which could have been taken straight out of Stoppard, existentialist debates, and an hilarious deconstruction of the audience itself. But as the story wears on, it gets raunchier, funnier and faster, with Crawshaw’s script pressing into service all the elements of classic farce.”
“Farce, existentialism, and a dose of the X-Files: I’d never have thought it a winning combination. But this continually entertaining and warm-hearted play proves that anything’s possible.
***** FringeGuru

“Three’s Company, the creators of last year’s Fringe hit, Play On Words, are offering another hilariously interactive experimental comedy this year.”
“Crawshaw’s script blends impressively with the improvised moments and it is often impossible to tell whether the person sitting next to you is an ignorant audience member or a slyly placed plant. In short, this clever play is not just highly amusing, but also something you’re unlikely to see elsewhere.”
**** Broadway Baby

“The action begins the moment you enter the performance space and the show is great all the way through.”
“On one level this play is funny and silly, and on another level it is clever and raises some important questions; most importantly, it had everyone laughing out loud and it left me feeling thoroughly entertained. This play was odd, but brilliant, and well worth seeing.”
**** Three Weeks

“Breaking the fourth wall is a bold move for any show – stage or screen – to make, and most who use that method are cagey about it. Auditorium doesn’t dip its toe in the water, it dives in holding a bag of air and a rock.”
A remarkable achievement… All in all, this is one of the fresher offerings around.”
**** Hairline

Tom Crawshaw’s script is quite excellent
“A tongue-in-cheek Cache for the stage – makes for many laughs and a wistful finale”
“A well-delivered and curious performance”

**** Fest Magazine

“Any battle cries from the miserabilist anti-Fringers, who suggest that innovation is waning at this year’s festival, should be silenced by this pacey, part-improv theatre piece.”
The Scotsman

“some clever variations on the fourth wall-busting theme. It thrives on surprise, making you suspicious of whether the person next to you is an actor or just a regular audience member.”
“The ingenious premise, a series of brilliant little coups de theatre and some strong comic performances make this a very watchable show from an inventive young company.”
The Stage

“Think Six Characters In Search Of An Author mixed with Being John Malkovich, written as a farce by Philip K Dick, and you’ll get a faint idea of the tone and style of this new work by the company behind last year’s Play On Words.”
“Auditorium is a gloriously diverting, sprawling, anarchic mess of a play (and I do mean that as a compliment). It moves at a cracking pace and is often very funny indeed. Its use of the audience is very clever.”
On Stage Scotland

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  1. Eoghain says:

    >Hilarious show – I really enjoyed it.

  2. Danie says:

    >Hilarious show. Every show was different and the cast handled every possible situation with quick wit and humor. I really enjoyed it everytime i saw it!

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