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We really value your feedback on our shows. Criticisms help us improve, and positive comments help attract further audiences (and stop us wanting to give up!) so if you have seen Play On Words please let us know what you think.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    >While I can’t be at The Fringe this year to see Play on Words, I saw the play Later Showers in August 2005 and it was amaazing – probably one of the best shows I saw all summer. This group is worth seeing!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    >Dear company of clever actors/directors/writers…etc.,

    i had the opportunity last night to see said play and was blown away by what your show had to offer. kudos to the clever turn of phrase, interesting approach to the tech, and boldness that accompanied your choices onstage. i was wary in the first half hour, i didn’t know how you would be able to suistain that banter for an hour and a half….but as you continued on i saw so much more. i think you found a nice balance between confusion, chaos and straight plot line. no metaphor was too blatant and no action was too overstated. it was an enjoyable night at the theatre (i had to search through a lot of ”shows” to find something worth seeing). i wish i had something to say critically so this blog isn’t just to stroke egos and praise the show, and perhaps if i see the show again i would have something critical to say, however…i (obviously) have nothing but glowing reviews and recomendations for my fellow fringe watchers. best of luck to you. if you ever want to cross the atlantic to start goin global…be in touch, your company has a fan/supporter/contact in new york now.

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