An undercover hit at the 2010 Buxton Fringe, this mock-walking-tour exposed some of Buxton's finest historical secrets in Three's Company's trademark anarchic, farcical manner.

In the guise of Cram Tawshaw (Blue [Peter] Badge Guide, History GCSE A*, Burbage Talent Show runner-up) Tom Crawshaw guided locals and tourists through a thrilling mix of horror, myths and verbatim-learned historical facts. With a host of interruptions from Kayleigh MacDonald, Ben Hadley, Ashlea Kaye, John Beecher and Emily Huntsman. Nominated Buxton Fringe's 'Best Event' – but narrowly beaten by Buxton's first ever Military Tattoo (!)

"The conceit, writing and delivery are classic Crawshaw, witty, intelligent and surreal. The happy band of followers laughed long and hard in the pouring rain. Luckily everyone was well covered. Except the ghost." Buxton Fringe
"Concerning the use of Pavilion Gardens... your request is absolutely fine". Terry Crawford, Head of Visitor Services, High Peak Borough Council
"I don't know who you're talking about. Stop calling us." The Times