Performed as part of Buxton Opera House's Studio Season, this production marked the 400th anniversary of Othello, which was first performed at the court of the new king, James I, on November 1st 1605.

This innovative production blended the tragic themes of the play with comedy, clowning and music. Breaking down the classic frameworks of theatre saw acting, technical operation and scene-shifting blend and the entire stage and audoitorium transformed into Iago's theatre of mass destruction. Highlights included scene-stealing Senators, Othello spying on Cassio with CCTV, umbrella antics from Rodrigo and Iago's soliloquys as stand-up.

Othello - The Moor Of Venice played to packed houses for ten nights, including two performances specially for schools, with post-show discussions. These were particularly successful, despite an ex-teacher of Tom, Yaz and Michael wandering in drunk and confusing Iago for Yogi (of Yogi Bear fame).

Reviewed in the local paper, 'The Vine' and by the Opera House's own review team, Othello was praised as "truly memorable" and "full of fine acting" with Three's Company described as "Buxton's worst kept secret" and "one of the best youth theatres around".