Originally conceived as a large scale, eight-part play, Tom Crawshaw re-wrote this tragic, poetic tale as a one-man show for Michael Grady-Hall during the summer and autumn of 2003. Worked on and redrafted under the direction of Yaz Al-Shaater, Later Showers first appeared in the Opera House’s Studio Season where the intimate setting of the Pauper’s Pit became Danny’s book-filled outhouse. Selling out all nights and leaving the audience in tears, the play returned that Fringe, picking up a nomination for Best New Writing and winning Best Young Actor for Michael’s performance. This original success led to Three’s Company taking the play to Edinburgh in 2005 - a city only an hour’s drive from the play’s setting of Loch Lomond. A critical and popular success north of the border, the play elicited powerful responses from its audiences and a five star review from edinburghguide.com

After Edinburgh, Michael left to begin his training at RADA in London but Three’s Company plan to revive the production now he has completed his studies.