Classic Three's Company pun-dimensional, genre-busting comedy combines with interactive experimentation and the wonderful world of transatlantic radio in this hilarious series of comedy shows.

Three's Company - in the guise of the hapless Comedy Trio - attempt to record a series of irreverent comedy shorts. The script sparkles, the sound effects dazzle and the funny muscles are well stretched. However, a decent dose of bad luck has the troublesome threesome dealing with an avalanche of catastrophes that see the audience pulled in to provide a little more than the traditional laughtrack.

Expect rapping goblins, film-noir spoofs and murder most horrid as well as missing sound effects, scripts and famous co-stars!


Episode #1: The Lady Of FunnyHaHa was previewed at the Tristan Bates Theatre on November 15th 2008 as part of the Midnight Matinees.

Episode #2: Attack Of The Clutchons returned to the Midnight Matinees on March 21st, 2009.

'The Tricky Ricky Double Bill' previewed at the Buxton Fringe, July 2009

Episode #3: Whodundis? (aka The Mystery of Murder Manor) (derived from the double bill) premiered during our 'Reactivity Season' in January 2010.

Episode #4: Pitch Noir (aka The Case of Claret) (from part two of the double bill) premiered during our 'Reactivity Season' in January 2010.

Upcoming Episodes

Several episodes are currently being written, including:

  • Piratization (aka The Seas of Water) (working title)
  • Tea-Time Travel (working title)
  • Count Ebenezer (aka The Horror Of Christmas Last) (working title)
  • Dead Serious (aka The Living Dead Of The Knight) (working title)
  • Untitled Ancient World Epic (aka The Tale Of Maximus Overdraftius)
  • The Spies Who Shoved Me (aka GoldenBall Double Oh Seven) (aka Dr Handfinger) (working title)
  • Supermen (aka The Revenge Of Spoonerismo)
"Spoof-tacular and pun-dimensional - a farce to be reckoned with" The Troglodyte, 2009