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2012 Summer Tour

We’re very proud that we can now announce our plans for the 2012 Summer Season. Our main project this summer is The World’s Greatest Walking Tour Of Edinburgh. We will be presenting this as part of the Pleasance’s programme at the Edinburgh Fringe from 3-27 August. This is our sixth year at the world’s biggest […]

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The World’s Greatest Walking Tour Of Edinburgh

Quick announcement: we’ve just settled on our Edinburgh Fringe 2012 show. We decided three days ago, put in a few calls, and now we’re thrilled to announce it’s official. We’ll be presenting The World’s Greatest Walking Tour of Edinburgh in association with the Pleasance, twice a day, for the duration of the Fringe. We’v been talking […]

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The stuff that dreams are made of

We’re pretty busy up in Edinburgh with Reverie (playing at the Pleasance Dome each day at 5:40pm). But we wanted to post some of the reviews we’ve had so far. We’ll update this as they come in. “Very good indeed. Impeccably acted, strongly scripted and with a truly distinctive style, Three’s Company have produced another […]

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Announcing our 2010 Summer Tour

Yes it’s finally time to make it official. After the success of our reading at the Pleasance, Islington in March we decided Reverie was the project to take on tour this summer. We can now confirm that it will be appearing at the Pleasance Dome (where we performed Play On Words last year) for the […]

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2009 Summer Tour complete (So long and thanks for the fish)

Having to pay extortionate amounts to be ignored on public transport, people being thrown into confusion at the sight of Scottish banknotes, and… some days without rain… It can only mean one thing: yes, it’s the end of our Summer Tour for another year, and our return to London. This year, Play On Words and […]

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Secret Gig Announced!

Our mysterious alter-egos ‘Comedy Trio’ appear to have followed us up to Edinburgh and have managed to wangle themselves a secret gig at the Pleasance at tonight! In the guise of Martin Brady-Small, Jon Grimshaw and Jazz L Carter, we’ll be staging a performance of A Live Transmission of ‘Adventure Time’ – the interactive mock-radio-comedy […]

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Tell us about Play On Words…

Seen Play On Words? Got an opinion? As you know, we really like to hear what you think of the shows we do. Your feedback keeps our shows alive: criticisms mean we’re able to keep improving and praise means we’re able to keep happy! So if you want to help us out, leave us some […]

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Critical Acclaim for Play On Words 2009

Well we’re a week into our Edinburgh Fringe run of Play On Words at the Pleasance Dome and have our first reviews out. Great to see the show going down so well already. Extracts below and links to the full thing. (We’ll update as they come in) “A script that crackles with vitality and exuberance […]

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A nice start to the festival…

Just a quick one – happy to announce* that second day out of previews and we’ve had our first full house! And if that’s not enough, we’ve also got our first review – and it’s five stars. In other news, we’re having a great time: the Pleasance is excellent, venue staff are lovely, our house […]

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New Jens please

New casting developments here at our Wimbledon studio – none of them related to the sudden increase of ball games in the SW19 area. A series of unfortunate coincidences have lead to us having to recast our leading lady for the upcoming tour of Play On Words. We are therefore very pleased to announce that […]

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