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Twas the Season

The snow’s thawing and the world’s returning to work. And so ends Three’s Company’s first London Season from the wintry heart of London’s West End. Our three-week residency at the Tristan Bates Theatre ended last Saturday and a big thank-you to all of you who came along to make it such a success. Here’s how […]

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Three’s Company Need You!

During January Three’s Company are taking over the Tristan Bates Theatre in Covent Garden. From the 4th-23rd the award-winning Play On Words will be playing everyday at 7.30pm (4pm on Sundays), and from 8th-23rd 3C will be hosting The Reactivity Season. But we need your help! We have yet to cast some pivotal roles – […]

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Merry Christmas from Three’s Company

With snow falling in London – and rather more in Buxton – it’s time for 3C to head off for a mini Christmas break. Even more snow for Michael however who is off to some unnamed French mountain to ski (or rather drink hot chocolate, learn his lines and avoid any pre-show injuries). Of course […]

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Three’s Company’s First London Season

Exciting news theatre fans! Hot on the heels of another wonderful Edinburgh Fringe, Three’s Company have just been offered a three-week slot at top London theatre the Tristan Bates (near Leicester Square) this January. We’re still putting the finishing touches to our exact plans for this season but here’s what we’ve got so far: Play […]

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2009 Summer Tour complete (So long and thanks for the fish)

Having to pay extortionate amounts to be ignored on public transport, people being thrown into confusion at the sight of Scottish banknotes, and… some days without rain… It can only mean one thing: yes, it’s the end of our Summer Tour for another year, and our return to London. This year, Play On Words and […]

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Secret Gig Announced!

Our mysterious alter-egos ‘Comedy Trio’ appear to have followed us up to Edinburgh and have managed to wangle themselves a secret gig at the Pleasance at tonight! In the guise of Martin Brady-Small, Jon Grimshaw and Jazz L Carter, we’ll be staging a performance of A Live Transmission of ‘Adventure Time’ – the interactive mock-radio-comedy […]

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Comedy Trio Have Arrived!

Three’s Company opened their latest offering to the Buxton Fringe last night. Comedy Trio struggled through their latest episode of Adventure Time with the help of a brilliant Buxton Audience, and an excellent impromptu performance from our latest ‘guest star’ Neyire Ashworth. Just to let you know Neyire is performing in her new one-woman show […]

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WARNING: Comedy Trio descend on Buxton!

Exciting news, as well as bringing Play On Words back to Buxton, Three’s Company will be bringing two new episodes of their interactive-comedy-radio-show A Live Transmission of Adventure Time! 3C’s alter-ego Comedy Trio attempt to record Episodes 3 and 4 of their spooftastic radio comedy, but a late actress, broken CDs, script malfunctions and a […]

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Audience To The Rescue In Sci-fi Adventure

Adventure Time: Episode #2 at the Tristan Bates Thanks to everyone who came down to see A Live Transmission of ‘Adventure Time’ Episode #II: Attack of the Grabons and filled the house at the Midnight Matinees on Saturday. The show was a huge success and that’s mostly thanks to the audience! For those of you […]

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It’s Adventure Time – again!

Adventure Time: Episode #1 at the Tristan Bates Hey Three’s Company fans! If you hadn’t already heard, we’ll be onstage again at the Midnight Matinees this Saturday (21st March), at – you guessed it – midnight. After the phenomenal success of A Live Transmission of Adventure Time – Episode #1: The Lady of FunnyHaHa, we’ve […]

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