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Hairy Faced Gentlemen

I’ve been meaning to share some thoughts on the inevitability of gender politics being at play in our all-female production of Romeo & Juliet. First thing I’m going to say straight up: I am (at least) as ignorant as your average person on the intricacies of gender issues, sexism, and discrimination. I have opinions, but […]

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Walk The Walk

The World’s Greatest Walking Tour Of Edinburgh – our 6th Edinburgh Fringe show – is now under way in Scotland’s finest capital. With two days and four shows under our belts, the show is looking in pretty good shape and some performances are already very close to selling out. Particularly the 2pm shows, which is […]

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Your thoughts on Romeo & Juliet

Tell us what you think about Romeo & Juliet! We always want to hear your feedback on our productions, but this year more than ever your thoughts are important. Our All Female Romeo & Juliet is an experiment which we’ve poured our hearts into, and we’d love to hear whether we should do that again! […]

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Edinburgh Digs

Do you live in Edinburgh? Are you a student there? Do you know anyone who is? Three’s Company are looking for accommodation for 4/5 people in Edinburgh this August. We’ll be presenting our 6th show on the Edinburgh Fringe: a promenade comedy – The World’s Greatest Walking Tour of Edinburgh. (more info) We’re looking for […]

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The next episode…

Adventure Time: Episode #2 at the Tristan Bates Thanks to everyone who came down to see A Live Transmission of ‘Adventure Time’ Episode #II: Attack of the Grabons and filled the house at the Midnight Matinees on Saturday. The show was a huge success and that’s mostly thanks to the audience! For those of you […]

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Join our festival!

Three’s Company are looking for companies of all sizes with all levels of experience whose work in some way incorporates interactivity, or challenges the traditional audiences/performer relationship. Perhaps you talk to the audience, get them on stage or allow them to shape your work before or during performance? Applications are invited to fill the remaining […]

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Merry Christmas from Three’s Company

With snow falling in London – and rather more in Buxton – it’s time for 3C to head off for a mini Christmas break. Even more snow for Michael however who is off to some unnamed French mountain to ski (or rather drink hot chocolate, learn his lines and avoid any pre-show injuries). Of course […]

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Three’s Company’s First London Season

Exciting news theatre fans! Hot on the heels of another wonderful Edinburgh Fringe, Three’s Company have just been offered a three-week slot at top London theatre the Tristan Bates (near Leicester Square) this January. We’re still putting the finishing touches to our exact plans for this season but here’s what we’ve got so far: Play […]

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Work with Three’s Company

We are just now in the process of negotiating three weeks at a major London theatre for our first ever London season, this coming January. This should see the transfer of Play On Words alonside a host of play readings and exciting interactive experiements and talks. More information to follow soon. But for now, we’re […]

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2009 Summer Tour complete (So long and thanks for the fish)

Having to pay extortionate amounts to be ignored on public transport, people being thrown into confusion at the sight of Scottish banknotes, and… some days without rain… It can only mean one thing: yes, it’s the end of our Summer Tour for another year, and our return to London. This year, Play On Words and […]

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