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The future of situation comedy is Missing Something


The time is finally here. After receiving crowd-funding through Kickstarter back in April and filming in September, our first ever sitcom, in collaboration with BrotherBrother, has now launched online.

Missing Something is an energy-packed web-based sitcom about lost twenty-something Rachel and her bizarre friends. Each 4-minute episode builds an increasingly complex web of plots, connections and schemes – as well as more allusions and references than you can shake a Pooh stick at.

The episodes are being released every Tuesday and Thursday from now until Christmas at Head there now to take a look!

The series is directed by Yaz and his brother Haz (their secret brother Taz is not involved). It’s written by Leila Sykes (from Smooth Faced Gentlemen and The World’s Greatest Walking Tour Of Edinburgh) and our own Tom Crawshaw. It stars many Three’s Company regulars including Fran Binefa (from The Importance Of Being Frank), Ashlea Kay (from TIOBF and TWGWTOE), Scott Wilson-Besgrove (from None Of The Above and TWGWTOE), Amr El-Bayoumi (from Auditorium) and George Telfer (from Not The Messiah).

Have a watch of the episodes now – and keep up to date with the Missing Something Facebook and Twitter. We hope you enjoy it!

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