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Introducing… Something

You’re probably wondering why we’ve been so quiet in the last couple of  months… (No?)

Well, since you asked, we’ve been working on several different major projects, and we’ve got loads to announce in the next few weeks. But today, we’d like tell you about our first sitcom.

In collaboration with Brother Brother and Leila Sykes, we’ve been quietly developing a brand-spanking new online show: Missing Something. It’s a witty glimpse into the farcically bizarre world of Rachel, a twenty-something in London, working at a chaotic game design studio.

Missing Something - a web sitcom from Three's Company and Brother Brother

We see it as a good-old-fashioned British sitcom… with a slight twist. It’s being broadcast on the internet, and each episode is only 3-minutes long.

So far, we’ve made a pilot episode (see below), and are raising money for a two-week shoot in May. It’s great to be at the forefront of a new format, and take part in a new distribution and funding method. This is a very exciting new direction for Three’s Company. We’ve come a long way since our first play at the Buxton Fringe

Yaz and his brother Haroun are directing. Tom is co-writing with Leila Sykes. Yaz is also playing the part of Aaron, and Tom will be returning as lovable tour guide extraordinaire Cuth McWildered! You’ll find tons of other Three’s Company regulars onscreen, including:

We had a great time making it, and we’re really proud. So please watch the pilot, below, and let us know what you think!

On the same page, you can also read loads more detail about our plans for the series. This is new to us, and we’d really appreciate any comments, or even just knowing whether you think it sounds like a good idea.

But there’s another way you can help…

We’re asking for support to make the series happen. Anything at all that you can pledge will make a huge difference, so please consider making a donation. In return, you’ll see we can offer some really special rewards as a thank you. From limited edition signed artworks, posters, and production stills, through to the chance to contribute to the series, or get involved.

Any small amount really helps, so please take a look. But first, watch the video and see what you think!

Watch Missing Something on Kickstarter

Lastly, either way, please spread the word about the video. The more people see it, the higher chance we have of making somethign happen. You can share on facebook, connect with @MissngSomethng on twitter, or click here to compose an email to your friends.

Hope you enjoy the Pilot! Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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