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Romeo & Juliet Rehearsal Blog – #1

Hello reader and welcome to the Smooth Faced Gentlemen rehearsal log!

We are a brand new all-female theatre company, and we’ve just started rehearsals for our first but certainly not the first production of Romeo & Juliet. We are lucky to be working in collaboration with the already established Three’s Company on this project. I am the co-founder of SFG, company manager, co-producer, performer and my name is Ashlea. Three’s Company are co-founders, co-producers and I’m jubilant to say, directors on this opening show.

Henri Merriam, Carmina Bernhardt and Leila Sykes in the first read-through of Romeo and JulietI’ll be blogging about our rehearsal process, the ups and downs of getting a new company off the ground, and offering some insight into how we bring to life one of Shakespeare’s greatest stories with an entirely female cast.

I am utterly overwhelmed with excitement about this project, and I think a rehearsal blog will be a vital tool for me (and us), for future projects, and to capture my memories along the way. I have never run a theatre company before, and I have also never blogged, so for the latter, please do bear with me!

So to sum up so far… we’ve held auditions and cast 6 stunningly talented actresses to join the company. We’ve had a first read through which, even with our initial cuts and no action, still managed to overrun Shakespeare’s predicted ‘two hours traffic of our stage’… so we’re working on further cuts! We’ve been given homework by Three’s Company’s verse expert Mr Grady-Hall to look at line endings, punctuation and questions(?). We’ve thrown oranges in the air and counted to 15 without overlapping. We’ve experimented with the prologue and looked at the opening scenes dissecting line by line the meaning and subtext.

So far so good, but we have lots to do and a very limited number of rehearsals before 18th July – our première in Buxton! Meanwhile the admin side of things is also growing by the hour.

So on that note… back to it. Happy Friday! Keep you posted.

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