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Introducing the Gents (Casting Announcement)

Carmina Berhardt (Lady Capulet / Bevolio)Fran Binefa (Nurse / Paris / Montague)Carly Jukes (Tybalt / Friar Lawrence)Ashlea Kaye (Juliet / Abraham / Apothecary)Kayleigh McDonald (Prince / Peter / Friar John)Henri Merriam (Capulet / Mercutio / Gregory)Leila Sykes (Romeo / Sampson)We didn’t do this yet, so without further ado, let us introduce our cast for Smooth Faced Gentlemen’s Romeo & Juliet.

The Cast

The Team

There’s a nice mix of new faces and returning collaborators.

We’re really chuffed to be working with the wonderful Fran Binefa again this year, after she joined us for the first time last year in The Importance of Being Frank. She’ll make a great Spanish Nurse, and is bringing a real sense of heart to a hilarious Paris. Also back for her seventh Three’s Company appearance is Kayleigh McDonald, most recently in 2010’s Walking Tour but best remembered for her potrayal of Emilia / The Duke on our Othello. And of course, co-founder of Smooth Faced Gentlemen Ashlea Kaye, who’s managed to take some involvement in every Three’s Company show since Reverie.

New with us this year is Canadian theatre-maker Carmina Bernhardt (if she can get back in the country), playing a graceful Lady C and an impossibly mellow Benvolio; LAMDA graduate (and waterski instructor) Henri Merriam as a fiery Mercutio and fiery-er Capulet; DSL alumnus Carly Jukes as the temperate Friar and furious Tybalt; and Leila Sykes, who recently graduated from Drama Centre’s classical acting course, as Romeo.

(And if you watch closely, you’re going to see a few of these faces crop up elsewhere soon too*.)

We’re getting pretty excited! Rehearsal photos can be found on the Smooth Faced Gentlemen facebook page.

*Hint: check our Edinburgh Fringe offering.

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