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Girls kicking the s#*t out of each other!

I’ve not been able to be at many rehearsals of our joint all-female production of Romeo and Juliet, but I managed to get to my second yesterday and it was great! Although it seems to me I may be the cursed member of 3C: whenever I join a rehearsal process everything slows down. Instead of the five scenes Yaz wanted the company to get though, we managed one and a half, and a couple of speeches…

However, we did get a good head start on the two central fights. Henri and Carly tearing up the stage as Mercutio and Tybalt and La (Romeo) joining later to beat the crap out of Carly. I hope the team had as much fun as I did, trying to work out the most vicious and cruel things the fights could contain:

“So Carly, what would you like to do to Mercutio?”, “I’m not sure”, “No go on, what would Tybalt want to do right now?”, “Umm… Can I stab her in the face?”, to which Henri responds “You can try!”.

Seems to me we’ve got the beginnings of a great fight. Can’t wait to see how they progress, and very much looking forward to being more involved in the weeks to come. The Girls are back in town!

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