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An Interview With Cuth McWildered

This August, Three’s Company are presenting The World’s Greatest Walking Tour Of Edinburgh at the Edinburgh Fringe. The 3C Blog caught up with the true star of this show – Cuth McWildered.


Three’s Company Blog: Hi Cuth.

Cuth McWildered: Good day!

3C: So how did you end up becoming a tour guide?

CW: Well I’ve loved history since an early age. And I’m quite a capable walker.
I remember when I was nine, walking along and pointing something out to a friend and I just thought “Yes. This is what I want to do”. Then I got into hiking and guiding in a big way – and the rest is history.

3C: So you tend to focus on history?

CW: Oh yes, I’m very keen on that. I got an A* in History GCSE after all. There’s lots of exciting stories and legends in Edinburgh about body snatchers, witches and hauntings, but I never let that get in the way of a good factually accurate tour.

3C: And what can we expect from this summer’s tour?

CW: 70 minutes of history, mystery and verbatim-learned facts. I’ll be taking people into the heart of the Old Town (formerly known as The Town) and showing them Edinburgh as it has, admittedly, been seen before. Plus my assistant will be adding a few surprises, mostly by not coming to rehearsals.

3C: Any other tours you’d recommend while we’re in Edinburgh?

CW: There’s some I definitely wouldn’t – Guy’s All-Dramatic Costumed Tours Of Edinburgh. It’s just a load of silly costumes and out-of-work actors, no respect for history – or walking – at all! Guy is the sort of person who would steal your notebook, tie your shoelaces together or flick rubbers at you in Geography class when you were 14 and keep pretending he wasn’t so you got in trouble… (I imagine).

3C: I don’t know Edinburgh very well. Can you give us a few key facts – perhaps a little taster of your tour?

CW: Here’s a few of my favourites:

  • Like Rome, Edinburgh was built on the site of seven hills. Seeking to strengthen this link, the city was also not built in a single day.
  • The famous Royal ‘Mile’ is in fact not quite a mile long. It is instead a “royal mile” – a distance slightly shorter than a mile which was invented by James I, who hated walking.
  • If you took down all the bricks that make up Edinburgh Castle and laid them end-to-end you’d be arrested for vandalism. 

3C: How about some tips for any budding tour-guides out there?

CW: Walking tours are all about imparting information. You should speak just to quietly to be easily heard, to ensure people concentrate. You should avoid having too many people in ridiculous ghost costumes jumping out at people, but equally you should avoid having too few. Finally, ensure you have suitable clothing items for every weather condition – and wear all of them at all times.

3C: Thanks for speaking to us Cuth. Good luck in Edinburgh!

You can catch The World’s Greatest Walking Tour Of Edinburgh from 1-27 August at the Edinburgh Fringe. Tours go from the Pleasance Dome at 2pm and 6pm. For more info and to book tickets click here.

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