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An interesting moment, and some stuff with a visa

Tom working with Smooth Faced GentlemenSomething interesting happened in today’s rehearsal. Tom stepped in to play the Nurse in Act III scene iii. With Romeo and Friar being played by Leila and Carly respectively, this meant that everyone on stage was playing the opposite gender. And roles that are quite rooted in their gender identity too, I reckon.

This was much more striking than I’d expected. Something to explore in a future project perhaps?

(Also, the role suited to him perfectly. I’ve wanted to cast Tom as the Nurse since 2004).

A company all playing the opposite gender in well known plays? Or, better still, properly ‘gender-blind’ casting1 – in some ways is the logical conclusion of some of the things we’re trying to achieve2 with the project3. But in other ways, it’s totally not.

Anyway, we’ve enough on our plate with this one. We’re down to just three out of seven actresses this week. Fran and Ashlea have a job in Lisbon, and Kayleigh‘s still stuck at work in Buxton. Worse (in some ways), poor Carmina is stuck in Paris. The UK Border Agency won’t let her back in the country, being all Canadian and that (her, not them). This could be a disaster, but for three things:

  1. It probably won’t be.
  2. Carmina is the epitome of cool, calm, collected zen.
  3. There are some really good provisions for Fringe Artists in our immigration policy.

That last point is helped considerably by the fact Carmina’s coming to Edinburgh with us too. The Edinburgh Fringe has permit-free status, but more importantly absolutely buckets of information on visas and that. Seriously, if you ever need advice about artistic visas, check out their website.

There’s loads of other useful info on their participants area too; I strongly recommend it to anyone in small-scale theatre, Edinburgh-bound or not.

Anyway. Insert clever witty ending the the blog post here, and let’s all go to bed.4

1But not in the way it’s done at school. I don’t know how it’s different but it just is.
2Specifically, the idea that an actor is a vesel for a character; the character exists as more than just the body of the human that’s portraying them.
3And I know we haven’t blogged about what we’re doing a why yet. But we will.
4Not together.5

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