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Three’s Company Need You!

During January Three’s Company are taking over the Tristan Bates Theatre in Covent Garden.

From the 4th-23rd the award-winning Play On Words will be playing everyday at 7.30pm (4pm on Sundays), and from 8th-23rd 3C will be hosting The Reactivity Season.

But we need your help! We have yet to cast some pivotal roles – which anyone can take, without any prior experience. So why not take up one of the following fantastic opportunities to be a part of it all. We are looking for:

  • A Female Special Guest for one episode of the interactive, pun-dimensional comedy A Live Transmission of ‘Adventure Time’. It’s a cheeky two-minute cameo part, in which the star of Comedy Trio‘s spoof-tacular radio show turns up late and interrupts the recording- with “hilarious”* results… (Performed one night in January.)
  • Fern and Basil (our plants in the audience) who antagonise the protagonist at the dramatic pinnacle of Tom Crawshaw’s Play On Words. Very, very important (but fear not, you only have to say one line). We need a different person each night – so get in touch before they all go.

It’s all in the good cause of theatre – so if you’d like to join in, drop us a line at

Oh yes – and happy new year. All the best for the Tens / Decimos / Teenies!

* The Troglodyte – and also my nan

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