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Farewell Buxton

And so it is the end of the Buxton Fringe 2009 and the 30th Anniversary year of the glorious spa-town festival has been the best yet. For us it’s meant another two sell-out productions, as well as the chance to meet a huge number of performers from around the world at Underground Venues, and catch […]

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Latest Award

The Buxton Fringe held their Awards Ceremony for the 30th Fringe Festival yesterday with all the best shows from the last few weeks getting a recognition. We were very pleased to receive two award nominations for our current production, Play On Words. Michael and Meriel were both nominated for Best Actor, Meriel for the part […]

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Due to popular demand and high bookings, Three’s Company will be presenting an extra performance of their award-winning Play On Words at the Buxton Fringe. If you still haven’t booked tickets don’t fret, the extra date is this Friday (24th) at 2:30.* Come and catch Yaz as Eddie and Tom as Fred. Don’t miss this […]

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Combination One of Play On Words Opens

Play On Words opened last night in Buxton with Michael as Fred, Tom as Eddie, Yaz as Jonnie and of course Meriel Rosenkranz as Jen. Usually 3C would relax a bit, but not with this production! As you know the three lead male roles will switch each night, this means last nights performance was only […]

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Comedy Trio Have Arrived!

Three’s Company opened their latest offering to the Buxton Fringe last night. Comedy Trio struggled through their latest episode of Adventure Time with the help of a brilliant Buxton Audience, and an excellent impromptu performance from our latest ‘guest star’ Neyire Ashworth. Just to let you know Neyire is performing in her new one-woman show […]

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New Jens please

New casting developments here at our Wimbledon studio – none of them related to the sudden increase of ball games in the SW19 area. A series of unfortunate coincidences have lead to us having to recast our leading lady for the upcoming tour of Play On Words. We are therefore very pleased to announce that […]

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